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Anne Marie Kramer

I'm Anne Marie Kramer – Call me AMK. Searching for a community I could call my own, in 2007, I founded Zuda Yoga and Zuda's Open Your Heart Teacher Training – hundreds of our training graduates have gone on to teach yoga and open many studios around the nation and the world.

I'm your coffee-drinking, sugar-loving (seriously, I'm working on it), unpredictable, and unconventional yoga teacher who believes yoga should be powerful while being playful. After teaching yoga for 25 years, I've learned that everything and everyone is a mirror and yoga is everywhere. I also believe that yoga should be fun – your whole life should be a big party!

Visit one of our Zuda studios in Sacramento, Folsom, or Roseville, where we'll dance, sing, hug our neighbors, and share secrets with the person on the mat beside you. No scripts and no plans. We have a lot of fun at Zuda, and I think you will too.