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Claudine believes that anything is possible. Her personal mission in life is to live a life of purpose, fueled by love, truth and courage. She has been drawn to movement and self expression for as long as she can remember. Claudine embodies compassion, warmth and kindness in all that she does. She celebrates in the unique light and beauty within everyone’s being. Her essential nature reflects lightness infused with depth and honesty. Her intention is to create an inclusive environment where students can move freely, feel good, have fun and experience the infinitude of possibilities within themselves. As she likes to say, "in every breath, there is opportunity for transformation. Yoga isn’t a practice contained to a mat, nor is it a practice available only to a certain group of people. It is a powerful tool for transformation and healing and should be available to everybody in the world." With over 130 certified teachers in over 20 countries worldwide, these two have cultivated a very special and diverse community. Claudine and Honza have headlined many festivals around the globe including Wanderlust in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada. They have been featured in wellness and yoga magazines including YogaJournal Australia and Turkey, Women's Health, Marie Claire and Mantra Magazine. The duo have been teaching on YogaGlo for the past 2 years. Their social media following is in the hundreds of thousands and they utilize their outreach to spread their message of yoga and inspiration.